ERMR can help you with your qualitative research needs across Canada, from start to finish.

RECRUITING - Whether you need to recruit consumers, executives, or doctors and other healthcare professionals, we can help and let you know what’s possible. As our network of recruiters is located across the country, we can look after your recruiting needs on a city-by-city basis, using trusted experts who know their city well and understand the incidence rates specific to their geographic area.

This expertise also means that if we do not think respondents can be recruited for whatever reason – either based on their geography or incidence – we will be honest and frank about it before your project even goes to field, and suggest some possible solutions for you.

FOCUS GROUPS - If you need to use a focus group facility in Montreal, Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada, let us find one for you. Aside from knowing Canada, Elaine Rioux Marketing Research also knows the Canadian market research industry and its players, and we will suggest the facilities that are the most appropriate to your needs, and that also meet your budget. What’s more, we can also make the booking arrangements for you, scout additional locations, and handle your incentives.

MODERATING - Our moderators bring with them more than 15 years of experience in Canadian research. Fully bilingual, they can conduct interviews in both French and English. Our moderators are able and willing to travel across the country to moderate your groups, and offer a full briefing and debriefing with every project. We can also provide you with a top-line, or full report and analysis as well.

Our areas of expertise include pharmaceutical and healthcare studies -- including specific, target medical groups such as GPs, Pediatricians, Neurologists, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Retinal Specialists, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians, HIV Specialists, OBY/GYNs, Psychiatrists, and Pharmacists -- as well as consumer behavior studies, customer satisfaction, public affairs and communications research.

SUPPORT SERVICES - ERMR is dedicated to the success of all your qualitative projects. Aside from these core services we also offer: translation of your project materials, surveys, etc.; simultaneous translation for your focus groups; and a full transcription and note taking service.

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