ERMR is always ready to handle your quantitative research needs in Canada.

TELEPHONE INTERVIEWING - Whether you need 5 completes or 2,000 or more completes, ERMR can manage your telephone interviewing projects, and do so using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) or traditional pencil paper surveys. We also offer the option of using interviewing staff that is fully bilingual, or whose first language is either English or French.

PERSONAL INTERVIEWING - Our network of trusted personal interviewers is located across the country, so we can look after your needs on a city-by-city basis. Whether you need in-depth interviewing, medical or executive interviewing, or interviewers to conducts taste tests, product placements, ethnography, mystery shops, or store audits, our pool of skilled interviewers are available to you.

Elaine Rioux Marketing Research can also look after your recruiting needs using our nationwide team of expert recruiters who know their city well and understand the incidence rates specific to their geographic area. This expertise also means that if we do not think respondents can be recruited for whatever reason – either based on their geography or incidence – we will be honest and frank about it before your project even goes to field, and suggest some possible solutions for you.

MAIL OUTS - ERMR is equipped to handle your mail-out surveys needs. We can handle the printing of your survey materials, manage the envelope kitting, deal with Canada Post to ensure a successful mail out of your surveys, and direct your surveys to their next step when they are returned.

SUPPORT SERVICES - ERMR takes the success of all your quantitative projects personally. Aside from these core services we also offer: translation of your project materials, surveys, etc.; CATI programming; coding and data entry of your paper pencil surveys; and data processing.

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